It has never been easier finding your perfect match!

Trovisio is the starting point of the perfect match between buyer and consultant. We promise you as a buyer an easy, fun and fast process finding your consultants, and making you more agile and lowering your costs in the process. We offer you as a consultant a transparent process with direct contact with your customers, adding to your chances of getting your dream job.

A consulting market for the Future

Trovisio gives you as a buyer the power of the perfect match. You perform a qualified search and set up your dream team of both consultants and employees. Skip lengthy non-agile processes and do your own search.

As a consultant you can spend less time on sales and marketing and more on your own business by letting customers find you in Trovisio. To no cost at all. 

The Trovisio platform is a solution for the future. The society is merely in the beginning of the digital transformation and development of gig-economy. There is a rapid growth in the number of consultants choosing to be self-employed.  Consultant brokers have seen the market opportunity and made it a profitable business to offer these consultants to buyers. This is usually a slow and costly process – especially since it might end up being a poor match. That makes no one happy – and we are all for making people happy!

Let’s get you started in finding your perfect match! 


In our platform we have consultants within the areas of; IT, Technology, Management, HR and Communications – and consultants within other areas are signing up every day!


Our Team Creator allows you to set up teams with both consultants and own employees, based on both competence and personality.


Let the dream job find you. Small consulting firms seldom have the time and money, or the desire, to sell and market their services. Now you don’t need to. And it is 100% free of charge!


If you are a larger consulting firm, using the Trovisio platform gives you insights into what consultants you have to offer customers at any given point, and their competence and interests.

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