Welcome to Trovisio!

The founders

Welcome to the Trovisio blog!
Why are we here?

We in the Trovisio team have our minds set to change the consulting market!

Our product is a digital platform that allows buyers to find and contact consultants directly, allowing for a much more transparent process where consultant brokers have soon played out their role.

In the fast evolving gig-economy, platforms like ours are a key factor for success – for both buyer and “gigger”. When adding features like digital signing of contracts, time reporting and invoice handling within the system (as we have), it allows for a smooth and less time consuming process. Both buyer and consultant have a lot to gain from using our platform, to say the least.

Take a look at Trovisio.com, and follow this blog, to learn more about the Trovisio effect and how we aim to be change drivers as well as supporting individuals in getting their dream job, and through that a better life!

Picture shows the founders. For the entire team see About us


Read more about the Trovisio team at trovisio.com/about

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