22.11.2018 – Change log


  • THE ROBOTS ARE HERE. Skynet is upon us, by which we mean that you can now subscribe to your own custom searches. You will be notified whenever there’s a matching consultant.
  • Invites invites invites! You can now invite your Team to join your company. You can also invite friends and colleagues to join Trovisio.
  • Gig Economy. Trovisio is on the forefront of the gig economy. Starting a new gig will help you keep track of your day-to-day business. Additionally, you will contribute to a transparent consultant market.
  • TEAM CREATOR. Building great teams has always been hard, but no more! Team Creator is here to help you visualize your teams soft and hard skills, to get the best out of them.
  • It’s about time location! Suppliers can now add their location to their profile for a better match, allowing employers to search by location.
  • Subscriptions curated for  your needs. Pick and choose subscription modules as you like. Only pay for what you need!
  • SECURE AUTHENTICATION. Mobile BankID is here to stay. Easily signup and login with Mobile BankID while keeping your account secure!
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