Meet us at Sthlm tech fest!
Meet Trovisio at Sthlm Tech Fest!
We are very excited to be a part of Sthlm Tech Fest 1-4 september 2018! Trovisio will be represented at the startup expo monday Sept 3. We will be there to show our excellent product, and if you are a...
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Security matters to us!
Hackers help Trovisio become even more secure
In our increasingly digital world, where we are all carrying around devices with continuous access to cloud-based systems in our pockets, security is of utmost importance. In other words, the exposure to hackers and identity thieves must be reduced through...
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The founders
Welcome to Trovisio!
Welcome to the Trovisio blog! Why are we here? We in the Trovisio team have our minds set to change the consulting market! Our product is a digital platform that allows buyers to find and contact consultants directly, allowing for...
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